Autozubehör - wieviel Innovation, wieviel Anwendungsmöglichkeit, Sicherheitsverbesserungen und Wohlbefinden liegen in diesem Wort. Das Auto, Symbol für Mobilität und Statuspreview

Car carpet - Fit Carrera black

100% Fit

Aktuelle Typenliste

  • For more than 500 car models custom fit
  • Top 100% Polypropylen
  • Back filled with Calcium Carbonate granules, waterproof
  • Total fiber 650 g/m2
  • Total weight of about 1800 g/m2
  • Protection for the vehicle interior against wet and dirt
  • Textile edging in same colour
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Incl. Fastening system (depending on the vehicle type)

ALPIN Energy - the modern starter battery

This modern starter battery meets the requirements
for comfortable cars with high loads and assures you of quality
and dependability. Through the use of sophisticated new
Ca-Ca alloy as a carrier - and conductor material for the positive
and negative plates, these batteries provide high energy output and
total freedom from maintenance.

This means that these batteries need in their full service life, no maintenance.

  • maintenance-free
  • long lifetime
  • low self-discharge
  • reliability
  • excellent price / performance ratio
  • small grid corrosion
  • solid and reliable starting power

VARTA - the premium brand

The all-round battery for modern vehicles of all classes
and the brand-conscious in middle-range, high-volume price segment

New Product Line

Quality workmanship, attractive modern design, excellent product
properties and high quality standards features of our new
"Premium Line".

The range of products for the discerning customer.


Profi canister 20L

Autoteppich Passform Carrera schwarz

wheel cover set Silverstone Silver 15

wheel cover Mugello Black 16"

wheel covers Mugello Black 14"

Profi canister 10L

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Rinder join BSCI

As a global company we stand for high social and Environmental
Environmental protection standards in our own companies, but also
in the companies of our business partners.
In awareness to our responsibilities, we therefore joined as a member
the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).
With the BSCI Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct), we have
committed to implement the requirements regarding the social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

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